Paul Pace

Paul Pace is country. Eastern Kentucky is his home. Home is where Paul picked up Grandpa’s guitar to strum along with Haggard and Jones tunes. Home is where the Pace family gathered, out on the porch, for lazy afternoon guitar pulls.

Home is where Paul Pace stayed close to when he went to Cumberland College in Williamsburg, Ky. to study more about the music he loved and how to make a living at it. He soon formed a band and began writing songs. His hometown radio station hosted a talent contest where his smooth country voice singing his own songs won him first prize. Afterwards, recordings of some of those songs found their way onto the airwaves--‘round home.

After the contest, Paul found that booking live gigs became quite a bit easier. Each gig gave him more notoriety and more confidence. And the more popular Paul Pace became, the more he worked. He played his live show further and further from home, honing his skills and style the whole time.

He worked so much he needed a manager to help him out. He found one in Nashville, about 300 miles from home. Paul’s workload increased dramatically. He worked so much that a Nashville record label heard him play and sing. He signed with Music Mill Entertainment and found himself a new home.

Now living in Nashville, Paul Pace is closer to the family of songwriters and musicians that continues to give the city its "Music City U.S.A." reputation. He has found new energy writing and working in-studio with the good folks on Music Row. He still takes his extremely successful live show on the road to the hometowns of real country music lovers--whether it's hundreds of miles away or just a few blocks down Broadway close to the home of The Grand Ole Opry®.

No matter where Paul Pace calls home, he continues to prove that he is as smooth and as country as ever.

Paul Pace

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